Turbine AI

Building an engineer’s toolkit to understand biology requires software and data scientists who wish to enable biological translational science instead of replacing it. 

Our team combines the amazing molecular biology, network- and data science expertise in Hungary with seasoned drug developers from the UK and the US. We’re here to change the status quo and bring truly impactful, simulation-guided therapies to patients. 

About Turbine AI 

Based in London, UK, with offices in Budapest, Hungary and Cambridge, UK, Turbine was founded in 2016 by Kristof Szalay, PhD, Daniel Veres, MD, PhD, Szabolcs Nagy and Ivan Fekete, MD. The team’s vision is to overcome the current limitations in identifying oncology treatments with true patient benefit by combining molecular biology and artificial intelligence (AI).  

Turbine’s Simulated Cell™ technology leverages artificial intelligence to build a constantly evolving, predictive simulation of cellular signalling. The virtual cells are used for in silico experiments having never been run in the lab, capturing patient biology better than available experimental models and testing more drug-like effects than current high throughput screening approaches. Validating the uncovered mechanisms and using the resulting data as feedback further improves and widens the model’s predictive prowess. This improves the likelihood of success for truly novel therapies and allows existing assets to be optimally targeted at ideal responder patients. 

Turbine is now leveraging the Simulated Cell platform to develop its own stream of programs; expanding from an early focus on overcoming resistance to DNA Damage Response (DDR) inhibitors, the company is pursuing multiple high unmet oncology needs. Turbine is also working with partners to extend its pipeline to various modalities and cancer mechanisms.